In my twenty years of making things on the web, I’ve worked as a back-end engineer, a front-end engineer and now as a product designer. I became a senior in both fields. I currently work at Ghost, and previously at Buffer and SoundCloud.

I believe we’re at a time of great importance in software making. The opportunities are endless. With hard work, anyone has the potential to bring their own dreams to life and make a good living from them. We are driven to create but it’s easy to forget that what we’re doing is providing a service to other human beings.

The field of product design covers many different topics. Research, wireframing, prototyping, strategy, visual design, design thinking, systems and processes. If the role was to be boiled down to a single purpose though, it would be to simply care about the people you're designing for.

But something can be lost in the process of making products. We have to remember that what we’re doing is creating an experience for people that has a beginning, middle and end. If we can nail that experience, we’ll not only be making something people think is great but also something they want to revisit and tell others about, too.

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Putting your customer's wants, hopes and desires centerstage means we naturally become attuned to the emotions they're feeling when using your product or service. If done right, it means we can better craft a positive experience for them. And that, at least to me, is good design.

With this website, I hope to help demystify design for anyone making products as well as cover topics and ideas that I think makes for a good experience.

Reach out to me on Twitter or over email. It would be great to hear what you think makes for a good experience in design. Please consider subscribing for more content.